Optimizing healthcare cost containment.

Our singular goal is to deliver the highest possible value to you by uncovering the most savings available. We accomplish this—reliably and measurably—through a unique combination of strong relationships with payers and providers, proprietary predictive analytics, and unmatched subject matter expertise. Our credibility with provider organizations, earned by 13 years of onsite audits, leads to more successful audits while minimizing provider abrasion.

This proven process, coupled with our long-standing hospital relationships, enables us to consistently deliver on aggressive healthcare cost containment goals.


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A proven partner in achieving your cost containment goals.

In today’s healthcare environment, payers are under increasing pressure to keep costs down. For many of them—including the industry’s top payers—OmniClaim is a proven partner. Our audit programs uncover the most savings, month after month.

Healthcare cost containment is our sole focus and our passion. With a management team of healthcare industry veterans, proprietary analytics that pinpoint the most promising, often overlooked claims, and on-site audits performed by seasoned professionals, we are uniquely able to identify and recover industry-leading savings while minimizing provider abrasion.

This focus enables us to build enduring relationships that grow as we innovate new ways to optimize cost containment in healthcare.

The OmniClaim Advantage

Benefits beyond the savings.

OmniClaim delivers the highest possible value by leveraging a unique combination of client and provider relationships, analytics, and expertise to achieve aggressive cost containment goals.

Our healthcare cost containment strategies deliver significant, measurable results. But beyond cost savings, our innovative approach provides distinct benefits:



Closer relationships. We’re not just a vendor – we’re a partner. We work closely with you to develop and execute your cost containment strategy. We are firm believers in the non-calculable value of relationships, relationships built on trust and integrity.



Onsite Audits. We are the only company in the space that conducts virtually all audits onsite at the provider. Only by being onsite, reviewing the entire medical record, can one ensure that all items are accurately billed. Offsite audits cannot produce the same results.



Better analytics. We have a full-time team of PhDs and statisticians expert in machine learning, whose job is to write custom software and proprietary algorithms. Our software and algorithms are unmatched at finding claims that deliver the greatest savings.


No claim is too small. Our proprietary system, coupled with best-in-breed, scalable technologies, enables us to review small claims that our competitors have traditionally ignored. Those smaller claims can add up to significant savings for you.



Signed agreements from providers. We obtain a signature on every claim we audit. The signature facilitates the collection of the overbilled dollars.

Mission and Vision

OmniClaim was created with a mission to combine leading-edge analytics with old-fashioned relationships to help healthcare payers optimize savings and make healthcare more affordable.


Management Team


OmniClaim Strengthens Leadership Team with Appointment of Joseph Alberta as Senior Vice President

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